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                                                                                            Working at GME Innovations


We believe the performance of the company is directly associated with its employee’s
performance which comes through the process of skill development, career growth opportunity,
performance reward and great working culture.
Recognizing innovation
Throughout our history, our developments in new technology and Innovation at every stage of
processes and working have kept GME ahead of the competition. Tomorrow’s success will be
the result of our innovations today. That is why we feel strongly about creating an environment
where innovative ideas are appreciated and rewarded.
Career development

The development of our skills is key to the success of our Group. That is why we are committed
to offering our people diverse career paths, according to their expectations and serving our
needs, while maintaining a high level of motivation.
We recruit the right people, develop all staff to their full potential, expand both individual and
team skills and encourage sharing of best practices. These objectives sit at the core of a strong
Human Resources (HR) culture .
This HR dynamic is based on a close knowledge of each employee. It is guided by a
comprehensive career management process. This includes key moments throughout the year,
allowing the evaluation of skills and performance, as well as one-to-one exchanges about career
path and the decisions concerning orientation and progress.
GME INNOVATIONS recognizes the tremendous benefits multiculturalism brings to the
workplace. Everyone in the company has an equal right to contribute to making GME INNOVATIONS the
unique, exciting and motivating environment it is today.
We are committed to respecting human rights in all our dealings with employees, clients,
shareholders, suppliers and local communities. We will never tolerate discrimination or
harassment based on sex, color, marital status, civil partnerships, having or not having
dependants, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political opinion, sexual
orientation, age, disability or any other relevant category.